Q: How much does it cost to use FavorCart?

A: It’s free…you just pay the actual cost of the items your friends purchase for you.

Q: Does FavorCart track my location?

A: No. We do not access the GPS function of your phone in any way.

Q: Will I be obligated to do favors?

A: Not at all! You decide when you are available AND which of your friends' favor requests you will accept.

Q: Will I still need to do my own shopping?

A: Most of the time, yes. The point of FavorCart is to reduce the number of trips you need to make to the store NOT to eliminate going to the store all together.

Q: Is there a limit on how many favors I can request?

A: No limit. Your friends decide how many favors they are willing to do for you.

Q: Do I have to do return favors for my friends?

A: No... but your friends will be less likely to do favors for you if you don’t help them when they need it.

Q: How do I pay my friends (and vice versa) for the cost of the items purchased?

A: However the two of you decide. We like Venmo for easy, free peer-to-peer payments, but good old cash or check works too.

Q: What if I need to return something a friend has purchased for me?

A: We suggest making FavorCart purchases on a separate ticket/receipt from your own items so that the person receiving the favor can have an original receipt to facilitate returns.

Q: How do I remove someone from the list of friends for whom I am willing to do favors?

A: Go to the "Friends" section of the site and click "Remove Friend" next to the name of the friend you would like to remove.

Q: Can I make changes to or cancel a favor request after I submit it?

A: Yes... as long as it hasn’t been accepted by one of your friends. Once a friend has accepted your favor request you won’t be able to adjust it. We put this limitation in place to help keep things simple for those doing favors.

Q: What if the friend doing me the favor purchases an item that isn’t exactly what I wanted?

A: Most of the time this situation can be avoided by your providing a clear description of what you want—don’t leave out any important details! In the event that there is a mix up, you will need to work out a solution with your friend. In most cases the item can be returned or exchanged easily.