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How it works

We've all been there, you just ran out of milk, but you're not headed to the grocery store anytime soon. Shucks. Instead of packing the kids into the car and heading to the grocery store, ask a friend to snag it while they're out.

Get notified when your friends are available for a favor.
Send a request to your friend and they'll pick up that item while they're out.
Your item is delivered to your door and you just saved yourself a lot of hassle.

Key Features

FavorCart isn't just simple to use, it's covering ground and making sure it's safe and rewarding for you to use.

100% free
Seriously, you don't have to pay a dime to use the app.
Only your friends can see your favor offers and send you requests
No Obligation
Offer favors when, where, to whom, and as often as you like
1-tap pay via venmo
Reimbursing your friends is safe & easy with just the tap of a button
Earn points along the way and redeem them for cash
FavorCart works anywhere including these popular stores: